About Cyber Fellows

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Cyber Fellows is a peer-learning incubator for emerging arts practitioners who work collectively. In the spring and summer of 2022, Younger than Beyoncé Gallery (YTB), Gudskul Ekosistem, Flux Factory and Pulse Lab gathered online with 21 Fellows to learn from one another about what it means to co-create a sustainable art ecosystem, build community and motivate each other.

Remuneration in the arts generally centers around final outputs, but artmaking is an ongoing practice that is grounded in invisible research. Cyber Fellows aims to support emerging artists by paying them during this part of the process. Fellows received resources and mentorship to research something related to the development of their creative practices. This platform presents some snapshots from our learnings from this process as well as the Fellows’ research journeys.

Cyber Fellows was initiated by YTB, a nomadic gallery supporting collaboration instead of competition between emerging artists. It was co-designed with Gudskul Ekosistem (Jakarta), Flux Factory (NYC), and Pulse Lab at McMaster University (Hamilton), and co-developed with all the Fellows.

Cyber Fellows is an experiment on pedagogy, where the goals are self-determined, the syllabus is collectively generated, the budget is co-managed, and your peers become your support system.